Yogurt for Bacterial Vaginosis cure?


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I have been suffered from Bacterial Vaginosis for 6 months. I went to several doctors and took several antibiotics and antifungal to treat this. At first the antibiotics worked but after a few months it is no longer working and I start getting frustrated. I found that yogurt could be a very effective way to treat BV by applying plain yogurt to a tampon and insert it into your vagina. My question is how long shoud I put the tampon in, also after that do I have to wash it with water? Is there anyone has ever tried this before? would very much appreciate it if you could share your experience.

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  1. I believe I’ve heard that you keep it in for 10 minutes and douche with distilled white vinegar afterwards.

    Good luck!

  2. I have not tried this before, but when I had it I considered the option. I am pretty sure you can leave it in there, after all the discharge will remove it. (and you’ve probably been having plenty of that.) I suggest typing into google "curing BV with yogurt" and it will give you very detailed instructions by people who aren’t guessing on yahoo answers just to get points. lol. Good luck!

  3. From previous experience, I noticed that the more unprotected sex I had the better it felt. I’m here all week.

  4. Taking antibiotics can actually cause yeast (candidiasis),’cause it also kills some good bacteria. sounds like you may have trichomonas,which can be treated with medication.If you had Bacterial Vaginosis,you would be crawling the walls.Yogurt is good,that it helps keep the cultured bacteria in check,but PLEASE go see another Dr. to check for Trichomonas. Good Luck.

  5. I don’t believe the yoghurt is curing the problem. Yoghurt helps with thrush, but that is a yeast infection, not a bacterial infection. The yoghurt might help sooth the symptoms of a bacterial infection, but will not make the infection better. The fact that you still have the infection after 6 months shows the yoghurt is not helping. A bacterial infection is best treated with antibiotics. But antibiotics can result in a yeast infection, so then you need the yoghurt afterwards.
    You need to establish whether what you are really suffering from now is a bacterial infection or a yeast infection. The best thing to do would be to see a doctor. But as a guideline, a bacterial infection is smellier, and a yeast infection is more itchy.
    Good luck!

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