Yellow, smelly vaginal discharge?


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I have a watery, excessive yellow discharge, with a really strong smell, like amoniac. I bath 2 times a day, and do nothing to irritate the area. It doesnt itch at all, and no redness or irritation. Just this sudden overload of discharge, and a bit of abdominal pain. I was at the doc, she treated me for a uterine infection, but its still the same. What do I do?
No, its not a std. I was tested for ALL of them, have none.

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  1. You should call your doctor back. Are you still having your period? If so, this can be what you have before you start. Also, it can be a yeast infection from the antibiotics. Just because it isn't red and itchy doesn't mean you don't have one. I would suggest you to please go back to your doctor.

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