Yellow discharge,red bumps,foul smell when shower,itchy in vagina is this herpes?


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I had this liquid discharge thin for about 2 weeks ago, it would be so heavy that it felt like a period! then I saw i had red small bumps like tiny pimples but just red on the 2 vagina lips. I have had these bumps for about 3 weeks and some of them went away with yeast medication. The discharge is just now yellow and thin. The bumps did NOT turn into blisters/lesions/ and did not get white. They are still red and itchy at times, and when I wash down there with soap there is a strong fishy smell. Can this be herpes? or a infection?PLEASE HELP ME!

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  1. Herpes doesn’t typically cause discharge. It’s normal in the middle of your cycles to have discharge that is like raw egg whites. It could be thrush or trick. But herpes doesn’t always turn into big classic blisters or open sores. Some times they occur as tiny pimples. Herpes is usually very uncomfortable or painful during an initial out break, and it doesn’t always cause a fishy smell.Also herpes comes from having sexual intercourse or oral sex with some one that has herpes, if you haven’t had any thing to do with sex yet then this is most likely not herpes.
    If you really want to know then you should see a doctor and get tested for herpes.

  2. Sounds like you have a lot going on, but I would tend to agree with Lindsay… while no one other than a doctor can truly rule out herpes, this just doesn’t sound like a typical herpes outbreak. Of course your risk for STDs is completely dependent on what your sexual activity has been.

    The fishy smell and discharge is common with a parasite infection called trichonomiasis, or trich for short, but that would require unprotected genital to genital contact with an infected person. Note though that men generally don’t show symptoms for trich and often self-resolve as the parasite is flushed out of the penis when peeing… so you can’t go by a partner’s test after the fact or lack of symptoms. The only way to know for sure is to get tested, luckily most health departments would be able to test for Trich, and a quick round of medication will clear it up.

    That being said… remember that the skin on the vaginal lips is no different than any other skin, and skin irritation from yeast overgrowth, medications, etc can cause bumps to appear. If you have been washing alot, that can cause dryness which can cause cracking, irritation, and itch. Changes in smell can also be due to changes in the internal balance of naturally occurring bacteria.

    So there are a few possibilities here… the best bet is to have a doctor take a look… no matter what it is, you can get a medical recommendation as to what you need to get back to normal.

  3. Like the others said i think it’s trich. I personally was recently diagnosed with it and i had all the symptoms you mentioned except for the small bumps and pimples. And Soap can cause a ph disturbance down there. So it’s important to just use water or a mild soap when washing your vagina. Either way the doctor would have to swab the pimples/bumps/legions/blisters to check for herpes.

  4. I have to agree with some of the other answers that suggest Trich could be the culprit. I know that most STD’s are associated with sex but I have heard that Trich can be spread through using the dirty towel of someone else. I wonder if maybe you share your home with someone else. Either way, it sounds like a PID infection and most probably needs antibiotics.

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    A sensible person – Go and see a Vagina doctor .
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