yeast infection…uti…vaginal tear??!!! HELP!!!?


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Help…what is it?!! skin tear…what?!!! ladies help!?
I started feeling this pain in the vagina area yesterday i was fine until then.I had sex over the weekend when my fiance was back from the military. It feels a bit better today.I can't really describe the doesn't hurt to be and my back is fine(uti) it's not cloudy or milky pee.It just feels alittle sore down in my vaginal area. I took tylenol and it felt better. and it feels way better than it did yesterday but still alittle like scratchy type feeling.I dont have blood or funky odors.

I'm wondering if it's a skin tear or something but i'm not sure.and how can i treat it…ladys help me out here!

I've never felt this pain before and i'm certain i don't have anything. I could end up possibly being pregnant but my periods not even do yet so i have no clue. I have frequent urination..what could it be?


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  1. I assume that you and your fiance haven't had sex in a while. Sounds like your vagina tightened back up, due to lack of sex, and fiance stretched (and possibly tore) you. Soak in wwarm water w/ epsom salt, or put a little witch hazel on a cotton pad (not ball) and pat it on your vagina. Good luck.

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