Yeast Infection with no vaginal itch?


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Is it possible that I have a yeast infection if only my vulva is itchy, not my actual vagina? I have had one yeast infection before but I didn’t even notice any symptom-at my annual gyno appointment she noticed a small one and gave me the meds for it. I also have little tiny white bumps, which may or may not have been there before…I don’t think its actually the bumps that itch, because they are more up by my clitoris. I had unprotected oral sex about 6 weeks ago, and these mild symptoms have been happening since then. At first I got really concerned that it was herpes, but the bumps were there about 7-8 hours after contact, and I don’t think herpes can show up that fast? Also there has been no change to the bumps, and they may have been there for awhile, they are really really small and I only noticed them because I was nervous and checking things out down there to make sure there wasn’t a problem. I also already have oral herpes, so I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be very likely that he would have passed oral herpes to me down there. That’s the only thing I’ve ever done below the waist, so I know its not an old infection.
It can’t be HPV because I got the gardasil shots…and I had the last shot over a year before this happened so it’s not like they wouldnt have taken effect yet or anything, and thee bumps are nothing like warts they are pinprick sized white bumps

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  1. It may be HPV. Normally there are no symptoms and people never know that they have. But it is said that 90% of sexually active people under 25 have it. There is no cure but your body can fight it off. If there is a symptom its normally warts. They do not itch or burn. Well I know you expect everyone to say to go to the doctor and you should because thats always best. Also check out some pictures of warts online and see if they look like the ones you have. May or maybe help you out with figuring out what is going on.

    That shot only covers certain types of HPV. There are over a 100 different types. Just go to the doctor and see.

  2. it could be a multitude of things. definately not herpes. herpes is almost like a blister that is always oozing, the sores hurt. in genital warts, the warts can vary in appearence and have a cauliflower appearance. however, there are certain vaginal infections that can mimic that look. i think you should see your gynecologist.

    i couldn’t attach pictures of STDs because that would violate the rules. however, if you won’t freak out and are curious, why don’t you look it up?

    oh yeah. first of all, gardisil only protects against a few forms of genital warts, the other 90 something forms still have no vaccine. not to be negative, but that is the truth.

    generally, women break out with std symptoms faster than men, usually around their periods or times of stress.

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