yeast infection, swollen vagina?


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i thought i had a yeast infection and with an over the counter cream it cleared up nicely except the inside of my vagina has become very swollen and sex is very sore and led to bleeding. is this part of a yeast infection or something else? i have to go on holiday tomorrow so worried about leaving it for two weeks

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  1. they sell those kits now at the drug store that tell you what kind of an infection you have….go buy that

  2. Maybe you didn’t stay on the cream long enough, and the infection came back, or maybe the infection was on the inside of your vagina as well as the outside, and the cream didn’t reach it all?

    Might be worth giving the cream another shot, along with a pessary (or applicator to insert cream inside as well) for the recommended time, but if that doesn’t clear it up 2-3 days into the course, I’d go to the doctor.

    Depending on which country you live in, you might be able to get a once-off capsule treatment for thrush. In Australia it’s called Diflucan Once (fluconazole).

    These things usually happen just before holidays! :-/

    Good luck!

  3. I would go and see your GP immediately. A yeast infection should clear up quite quickly with over the counter medicine and should definitely not cause swelling or bleeding. You could have an ongoing sexually transmitted disease that has not otherwise appeared. A yeast infection is a sign of a lowered immune system as the bad bacteria are allowed to grow. Yeast infections usually occur after a course of antibiotics or during another illness such as the flu. Infection could be a way of telling you that your immune system is low and the swelling of the vagina is symptom for something else.

    If there is definitely no way that you can go and see your GP before tomorrow then I would avoid using soap or anything that could irritate a further. I would also put a stop to sex for a while (sorry) and keep a good eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get worse

    I hope this helps and have a good holiday

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