Yeast infection?? Sour vaginal smell…?

Ok not to be gross I’m sorry but I’m only 14 and never had sex but I don’t know what’s wrong with me! Ever since I hit puberty awhile ago I’ve had what appears to be "smud" in my vagina but I clean daily and an occasional cheese sort of smell (eww) but the discharge is normal from what i’ve read on here and in health class. I’m so confused and because I’m so young I don’t want to go to the gynecologist. I’ve had a fear it was a yeast infection bt i’ve had this for awhile. I really don’t know anymore and I hate it! Please help guys please!!


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5 Responses to Yeast infection?? Sour vaginal smell…?

  1. Taylor H says:

    I think you should face your fear and go get checked.
    I need to go get checked also different reason tho.

  2. Pearl L says:

    go to the doctors, you could have an infection

  3. mary127 says:

    If you have pain you should go to the doctor. Dont be afraid thats what doctors are for! If not just make sure to clean every day. Everyones vagina has a smell to it.. some are stronger than others and it just may be what you smell like.

  4. Lolagirl says:

    Its called bacterial vaginosis. It’s like a yeast infection, but smelly. Sucks, you need prescription medication to get rid of it. if you let it go it will get worst and can mess up your insides. You need to go to the doctor and get it taken care of.

  5. LoLu says:

    You can get yeast infections even if you aren’t sexually active so it could be, but it could also be normal discharge. Your cervical muscus goes through changes throughout the month so around your fertile time it will be clear, stretchy and egg white looking, but after this it can go thick, lumpy and a bit opaque in colour. It can also smell a bit sour after air has been exposed to it on your pants. It sounds normal to me but if you’re concerned see your doctor.

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