Yeast Infection – Is it normal after using the monistat suppository?

Yeast Infection – Is it normal for the inside of the vagina to burn after using the monistat suppository?


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9 Responses to Yeast Infection – Is it normal after using the monistat suppository?

  1. jade-saige says:


  2. B says:

    eesh. I dunno. But maybe you should see your doctor.

  3. winpooh0302 says:

    Yes. Its just lets you know the medicine is working.

  4. Chrissy says:

    jesus, i hope i never have a yeast infection – eat a more balanced diet woman

  5. JorgaB2008 says:

    I always burn when using the store bought stuff.

  6. mazell41 says:

    Why are you messing with that stuff when the Dr. will give you 1 pill of Diflucan, you take it & you're done.

  7. Shannon F says:

    Yes, that's normal.

  8. xamino_grrlx says:

    Yes, it should tell you on the box . Sometimes (certain companies) give you these wipes in the box to use just for that problem. I think you can buy them seperately, too.

  9. says:

    ohhh..yes it will burn..especially if you have had if for a while. It will probably hurt the next few days when you insert the medication. You need to also eat some yogurt or take some acidophus pills. You can find these at walmart or a health food store..

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