yeast infection cream on vagina?

ok so i just got some n on the directions is says put on outside of where it itches n stuff,,,,what the heck how does this help? can i put a lil on the inside too? or will something bad happen?


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  1. vrysxy4hm says:

    It depends on the symptoms of the yeast infection if thats what it is…..vaginal infections come in all sorts……usual indicators of a yeast infection are a cottage cheese like discharge or one with a really distinct odor….. and or vaginal itching…apply the cream where it itches in your vagina lips…….you can put it on the area inside your vagina,but not inserted into your vagina..if that makes sense….If your having vaginal itching, there could be alot of things irritating your vagina…, dififferent laundry detergent,perfume,urine….try drinking more water…if your having sex unprotected or not…it could be from skin to skin contact…..or from the chemicals on condoms…..many things…..basically if your having itching you put the cream on the itchy part…just not into the vaginal cavity………if your having a suspicous discharge…different consistency and smell….you can use yeast infection creams that you can insert into the vagina using an applicator…like using a tampon….they dont hurt……and they can be very effected…it can take up to 3 days to a week to max week and a half..depending on what you want to spend….If it doesnt go away….you should go see a doctor…..hopefully this helps….if you want…you can also use an anti-bacterial body wash…..make sure when you wipe….to try to pat really dry….I know it sounds gross, but theres a reason why its making you itch…
    I also wanted to let you know…that some discharge is normal alot of girls get it……and try to not do to much to your vagina because it could make the itching worse…..sometimes letting the vagina clean itself is a good thing…..its almost like when people are o.c.d about cleaning a cut etc. and they get an infection…the body will heal naturally….nothing horrible will happen if you get the cream anywhere else on your body…..MAKE SURE YOU WASH YOUR HANDS EVERYTIME YOU TOUCH YOURSELF!

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