Will vaginal yeast infection clear up on its own?


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Ok here's the deal,
I believe I have a yeast infection due to having to take a lot of antibiotics (9 pills a day total) for an ear cartilage infection. I still have about 2 days remaining to be taking those too. I am on birth control as well.
Should I wait until after I stop taking antibiotics to begin treatment?
Also I bought AZO and Monistat 3-Day Pack.
For some reason its very difficult for me to use the applicator so ive only been using the ointment and taking AZOs.
But I'm worried that it wont clear up unless I do use the applicators. But I'm hoping it will go away once i stop taking antibiocs.
Any comments on this please let me know.

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  1. go to the doctors and explain the situation…not that u need anymore meds i know but they will prob perscribe fluconazole one pill u take once and it will start to clear up in 24 hrs and totally in 3-5 days birth control sometimes causes yeast infections so if ur prone to yeast infections u should take acidophilus suppliment pills daily its every good bacteria found in yogurt that will help

    good luck 🙂

  2. Talk to your doctor because i had a yest infection too and i was on other medications too. they recommended a vaginal contraceptive thing where i had to stick this little bullet looking soap in there and it went away in six days. talk to you doctor.

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