Will taking an acidophilius (culturelle) cause or help treat bacterial vaginosis?


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Gave birth 4 weeks ago now I have odor and itchy burning. I started culturelle a week ago now the past 3 days I’ve had symptoms of BV.
I know it’s not a yeast infection, I’ve had both yeast and bacterial infections and this is definitely BV.

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  1. Acidophilus is not the cause of vaginosis, that’s just one bacteria out of billions and eating yogurt (the source of acidophilus for most of us) won’t make a bit of difference. The only thing that will help is antibiotics.

    However, it reads to me like you have a yeast infection not vaginosis – which can be treated with acidophilus. Try some Monistat.

  2. If you have a yeast infection, it is a good idea to take the acidophilius supplement on a regular basis, though it may not help your infection immediately. I would suggest going to the doctor to get what you have diagnosed and then treating what you have. With a four mo old baby the last thing that you need is an infection in that area! Other things besides the supplement that you can do on a regular basis to prevent unbalanced flora in that area include: avoiding sugar and refined foods, exercising (not that you have the time), getting enough sleep, and generally doing those things that would help keep your immune system strong.

    Whatever you may have, the supplement should not do any harm and should in fact improve your overall health. Take it right after your meals.

  3. Yes, acidophilus can be a help for bv treatment, but you also need to stay away from other things like douching, smoking, or using colored/ perfumed soaps and tampons, to get a better relief.

    For more info, there are reports that a lot of women suffering from bacterial vaginosis (BV) and using antibiotics’ treatment would experience either recurrent of BV or yeast infection not long after their antibiotics’ treatment.

    BV is actually happened because of the imbalance state of "good" and "bad" bacteria in the vagina. The use of antibiotics could even kill more of "good" bacteria. That’s why BV reoccurs, and this condition also allows the vagina to be more susceptible for the yeast infection to grow.

    There are other BV treatment options to be used, either natural treatments or any other remedies, such as tea tree oil, acidophilus, probiotic etc. Many women had reported to get better relief from BV by using those remedies.

    This site might help you:

    Get well soon…

  4. It’ll help treat it. Also, using garlic, folic acid, and goldenseal will help too. I read a blog earlier that gave other remedies on curing bacterial vaginosis permanently.

    I’ll leave a link to the blog below.

    hope this helps…

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