Will penicillin cure a vaginal bacteria infection?

what infection is penicillin used to treat in the vagina


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2 Responses to Will penicillin cure a vaginal bacteria infection?

  1. GSXR GIRL says:

    Certain antibiotics kill certain bacteria. I believe for BV they usually use tetracycline or metronidazole (aka flagyl) should get swabbed to find out what type of bacteria it is though and have the doctor prescribe the correct antibiotic

  2. Akila says:

    Use premarin thatz d better than penicillin. It is available in oral (0.3/ 0.45/ 0.625/ 0.9/ 1.25mg). premarin is steroid compounds, if hypertensive patient or pregnant lady dont take it.
    normally use premarin for vaginal symptoms—dryness, burning, and itching.
    thatz 4 sure. i u want any clarification contact me.

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