Will inserting Vitamin C vaginally help to cure my BV?


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Has anyone tried this? Does it work? Will it hurt/burn?
Ive been to the dr. nothing helps. I’ve had this for 2 years so…no I think that I should find something else because I’ve taken EVERYTHING that the dr has prescribed and nothing helps like I should and I’ve already become too use to most of the antibiotics for them to work since everytime I go to the dr they prescribe the same stupid ones again and again with no result.
PS- back up your answers with a definite reason why it may or may not work please

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  1. I think you should just go to the doctor…
    I don’t think thats a good idea to go with your idea…
    it might make it worse.

    just do yourself a favor and go to the doctor and get a prescription and save yourself the extra pain/infection.

  2. I’m not sure. But I do know that inserting yogurt will help. I read about it in a blog earlier.

    The blog also explained some other things you can do to permanently get rid of BV.

    I’ll leave a link to the blog below.

    hope this helps…

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