will douching with hydrogen peroxide cure bv and yeast infection? how much to use and for how long? thanks?


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i keep getting bv or yeast every month and its embarrassing to keep going to the clinic constantly. also can i douch with hydrogen peroxide once a week as a daily use to keep the infections from coming back?

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  1. that wont work, and its normal for woman to get an infection every month. they have medications for you to take.

  2. No, don’t do it. Peroxide is harsh on delicate tissues and will irritate you. If you are having to go to a doctor every month for treatment, why don’t you go to a specialist and get a second opinion? No one should have constant infections for no reason.

  3. Certainly no. It is even dangerous and not recommended. You would need a prescription and to understand why it is repeatable. Douching may be a reason not a cure.

  4. if you have not been checked for diabetes you should do so ASAP. i also wouldn’t douche with peroxide. one summer i had a few yeast infections. i was working in a busy retail store and it was hot inside. i started only wearing cotton panties and bringing a extra pair to work to change into when i was damp "down there". also eat lots of yogurt with live cultures. i have a friend that used to put the same kind of yogurt inside her vagina between going to get treatments. she said it worked and kept the away. you can buy the kits over the counter, no need to got into the clinic every time. but, women with diabetes get them much, much more then usual.
    good luck.

  5. NEVER douche with peroxide! That will cause more damage. There is a big difference between yeast and bv. Yeast can be caused by medication/stress/just about any change in your life, while BV is more often caused by Hygiene issues. That can be anything from sex with someone who hasn’t washed recently, or wiping back to front. There are other causes too, but they are very different things. Yeast you can buy Monistat and clear it up. BV you need an antibiotic. BV smells like tuna, yeast smells like… well, yeast.

  6. Douching is not recommended. You can push the infection further up. Go to http://www.earthclinic.com click on ailments and then yeast infection and/or bacterial vaginosis. There are a list of safe home natural remedies and suggestions from other women. I’m too am suffering from both of these right now and i’m getting to the root of the problem naturally. Antibiotics, creams, and douching will not get to the problem entirely and are usually temporary fixes. My symptoms started off with mild to severe itching, burning sensation when peeing, vaginal swelling, and excessive yellowish discharge with slight odor. I will give you a list of things I am doing.

    Limiting my sugar and carb intake as these feed yeasts and bacteria
    Eating nonfat, plain yogurt (no sugar added) it contains L.acidophilus, good bacteria we need in our gut
    Taking acidophilus or/ probiotic supplements also contains these good bacteria
    Building my immune system taking vitamins A,D, C, and Folic Acid
    Taking Garlic, grapefruit seed extract, and echinacea/goldenseal herb supplements(these acts as natural antibiotics with antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties

    After doing this for about a month now, my burning is gone completely and the itching is almost gone as well. I have little to no itching. All that is left is trying to get rid of this discharge and swelling. It’s not going to happen overnight but with gradual changes you can get rid of the problem.

  7. A bad yeast infection can cause a VERY itchy irritation to a stinging effect. And often a 2nd type of infection could occur like vaginitis

    You do need to see a doctor when you have yeast infection and NOT self treat yourself. Depending on your age the medication differs.
    Also what you may have is not anymore a yeast infection. bacterial vaginosis and even some type of STD mimics some of the symptoms of Yeast infection and it needs a different med
    But do the following when you have a yeast infection

    1. Wear clean cotton undies. no tampons for now or sceneted sanitary pads. You need your vagina as relaxed and breathable as possible
    2. Avoid wearing tight pants, shorts or thongs as it may irritate the infection
    3. Wash with cold water. DO NOT DOUCHE
    4. Drinking lots of fluids, eating melons and organic yogurt boost your immune system against yeast infection
    5. During treatment, and a week or so after treatment, no sex. And if you had sex while you had yeast infection have your partner treated as well so that you dont pass it to each other
    6. Wash your bedsheets… for hygenic reasons
    7. Lower your intake of sugars, colas, sodas or anything that has suggar or caffine. yeast eats off the sugar your body makes

    if you are worried about not having money to see a doctor. Search your local planned parenthood clinic. They actually treat for free or for a low fee from pregnancies, Abortions, pre-natal, yeast and other Vaginal Infections, UTI and even colds and flu.
    They are private and confidential too.

    FYI Diflucan is a VERY strong pill and is often a last minute resort meds for yeast infection
    Re-occuring yeast infection can mean yo may have something else besides yeast infection. or that the infection is now further up your uterus

  8. For now there is no known cure for BV,doctors are not helpfull at all when it comes to BV,every women who has BV is left on her own.

  9. To Jen,who wrote "while BV is more often caused by Hygiene issues"

    Where in hell did come up with this?are you saying that women who have BV have hygiene issues?

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