why is bacterial vaginosis keep comming back and having extreme pains in pelvic?


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please help .. i am in pain like literraly i am going to hospital but has any of you girls got this . i sit down it hurts i lie down it hurts i walk and it hurts 🙁 . my current lover tells me i might be pregnant but my pelvic wouldn’t hurt for that and i got my period..

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  1. I’m sorry you are also one of those unfortunate ones but I am right beside you as I have had problems for like 4-5 yrs with recurring BV.I hate it but all you can do is keep seeing the doctor for it and you HAVE TO have it treated every time.Left untreated it can result in pelvic inflammatory disease and there are other issues that come along with it too if you don’t have it treated.I know it sucks but I have had it alot too.I hope you feel better & Hope this helps =)

  2. Hi,

    Bacterial Vaginosis is a very common recurring problem. You have to maintain strict lifestyle for first few days. When it’ll disappear properly you just follow some regular practices. For example take 100 grams yogurt daily with your meal. Yogurt is known to be a great alternative solution to BV. A lot of people suffering from this problem complain that antibiotics do not eliminate the problem permanently. And they seek alternative treatment for this problem.

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