Why does the hair on the vagina cause you to sweat as well as cause odor?


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I just shaved my vagina and it seems as though the sweating I was previously going through as well as the odor is gone, I'm really happy about it. It seemed as though on the vaginal hair there was a white substance and no it wasn't lice! Do you think the hair had something to do with it? I had been resistant on shaving because when it grows back it's the most irritating thing. Do you think the hair had some kind of something on it causing it to smell funny or sweat profusely?
Thanks for the help!
Also, I just heard on here that I should shave cause it like borders odors or something yall said and thanks so much, you dunno how much of a problem this was, especially for being a lady and always wanting to smell nice. I love you guys, lol.

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  1. yes! i agree completely. when i shaved mine the same thing went away.

    TIP: wait at least a week to shave again!
    razor burn is a KILLER down there, it hurts like a bitch! it is kinda itchy growing back too. its good to put lotion on after wards, too.

    doesnt it feel so much better without the bush?? i love it! at first i was like damn i look like a ten year old girl but oh well, it feels better and underwear looks better. =]

  2. Hair is porous and absorbs whatever substance is placed on it. For example, cream rinses, dyes, etc.

    You won't stop sweating, that comes from the pours on you skin.

    Shaving hair can reduce odour, i.e., underarms and, if you choose, vaginal hair. I don't recommend vaginal area, wait until it grows back – itchy like hell.

  3. No, The hair wasn't what was causing the odor.
    Shaving helped because when you sweat, the hair helped to trap the sweat in.

    If you aren't interested in continuing to shave, try this.

    Sleep without underwear or shorts, allowing your vagina to breath, underwear can trap sweat and cause bacteria.

    Also, change your underwear after every shower, in addition make sure when you shower (and shower often) that you are washing even your most sensitive areas, wash with luke warm water, a wash cloth, and mild soap, don't scrub hard, just make sure you are being the most hygenic you can.

    Also, when you go to the bathroom, make sure you are being hygenic, not just washing your hands, but wiping correctly, and not allowing a yeast infection to occur.

    (and yes, shaving does help alleviate the smell because hair does harbor (not border) bacteria that causes odor)

    Good luck. Stay healthy!

  4. Hi Wonders,
    I don't think I go as far as shave, I just cut hair around the most
    vulnerable part 4 my period so it's not so messy. You can always douche you know, they have the throw away ones r bye a mist u spray there. When u were talking about this white substance it occured to me "white, odour, maybe itchy,
    u could possibly have an "Yeast Infection" if u look at r panties & there's discharge there, r wipe rself & it's shiny, then u have a yeast infection. No worries though, all females
    get them at one time r another, & more to come. Not sure why
    we say & Dr. but I advise u to see r's if this r 1st time, he'll explain it to u in his words. Your Mom went through them too, so don't be ashamed to ask her what she should've already told u during the "Birds & Bee's Talk". No, I don't think the hair
    is the cause of the odour. See r Dr. about an infection, ok?
    "Best of Luck Sweetie"
    LOL, Diana D

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