Why does my vaginal discharge smell like onions?


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I take baths regularly…I don't eat onions

26 Replies to “Why does my vaginal discharge smell like onions?”

  1. you probably have a bacterial infection, go to the OBGYN and find out, it can be taken care of very easily

  2. you may have an std.
    or an infection.
    i'd reccomend a doctor, no matter how aquward it may be, it will help you.

  3. The smell of your Discharge generally varies or changes according to your diet, try changing it…

    That or you have an Infection…

  4. it really shouldnt smell like onions. maybe youre thinking its worse than it is.

  5. If i were you i would go and talk to my doctor about this and set up a pap-smear test so they can check. If everything comes back alright, i would still talk to my doctor about it, it could be possible to get a medication from him/her.

    Dont go and just get some Ordor stuff to cover the smell right away, i would go and talk to a doctor about the issue, get the pap-smear appointment, and possibly ask for a prescription or sample medication!

  6. You could have some kind of infection there. Make an appointment to see a doctor. You could possibly have a tampon stuck up there also. Either way the only true way to tell is to get that checked out asap. Don't worry it shouldn't be that bad. Plus think of it this way the sooner you get it checked out the soooner you can rest a sure what it is and not have to worry anymore.

  7. Well that can mean 3 things, first off all your not eating enough fruits and veggies in your diet, another reason could be you might, have a small UTI infection, your best bet would be to of coarse go to the Doctor or even your local free clinic…And third of all, it could be if you've just had or going to have your period, your hormones change and so does what your vaginal dischare smells like, what you should do to see if its that, take a nice warm bath, and soak in Epsom Salt for about 15 to 20 minutes, that'll clean out your system and help you with any infection if you have one…

  8. Bacterial Vaginosis or Bladder Infection

    You may just have gential BO that you think is coming from the vagina. Did you work out or sweat a lot? If that's the case, drink more water and wash with antibacterial soap.

  9. Sounds like a yeast infection. If you can't see your doctor go to drugstore and ask pharmacist what to use. Stop taking baths so much and shower instead,dirty bath water will bring on infections. Onions have nothing to do with it.

  10. What you eat and drink does affect the way your bodily fluids taste and smell. If you've eaten lots of onions (or other foods that contain lots of sulfur), your bodily fluids – including vaginal discharge – can begin to smell that way. I would recommend drinking lots of water and eating only green vegetables for a day or two – the fiber and water will clean out your body fairly well. After that, if the smell persists, you should visit a doctor. However, if the smell is overwhelmingly strong (i.e. you can smell it without really trying) then that does sound like an infection and you should see the doctor immediately.

  11. is there a weird discharge, itching or burning, if there is…. u might have a yeast infection:[

  12. you may have an infection, you need to see the doctor as soon as possible before it gets worse

  13. Guys what the hell! would u lay off the woman for God's sake she is just asking what's going on!!! Well anyway it sounds like you have a little infection or something is going on…I really recommend to go to the doctor to see what's going on…Every year try to get a Pap Smear to see what is going on

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