why does my vagina have a thick white mucus and a strong odor?


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this is embarrassing but i have a thick white mucus coming out of my vagina and it smells awful. when i go out in public i have to close my legs because if i don’t it smells and the odor is embarrassing. other people smell it and ask what the smell is and i get so embarrassed. ive tried spraying perfume on my pants so it can cover it more and make it less embarrassing. i talked to my doctor about it and she said its normal but i cant imagine all women going through this and know one hearing about it….does any one know what it could be? or how to help reduce the smell?

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  1. okay I know this is basic but you’d be surprised how many women don’t think of this: make sure you wash your vagina with gentile soap. Also, it could be an infection but not necessarily. Last resort, Vagisil or something like it.

  2. Its very normal and our discharge changes with our cycles. Don’t wear tight pants, wear cotton underwear (not silk satin or lace) and change your underwear often. You can also look online there are certain types of food that you should avoid that are said to make discharge have an unpleasant odor.

  3. You may have a yeast infection or you are just about to get your period. Wait a little longer to see what happens. If you have any unusual pains or tendencies to itch, you definitely have a yeast infection. If you dont want to go to the doctor eat and put yogurt down there. it works. but if youre sure you dont have a yeast infection, its probably your period.

  4. Yesterday I asked an experienced doctor who told me, you might have some infection, and you should visit a doctor just in case, in normal occasions a discharge has somewhat misty color but a thick white muscus and the odor signal that something is not alright..

    check with your gynecologist. asap…

  5. Well If doctor said that it is normal.I advised you to consult with Aryuvedic dotor.In Aryuved there are so many vanspati that it will solved your problem. Further You should take mild hot water in Tb and seat down in the TB two time early morgning & evening.Alwaus use cotton underwear,loose pant and wash your vagina with shampoo.


  6. am pretty sure that you have a yeast infection, although without seeing I’m not entirely certain. I think that it would be a good idea to see a doctor about it if you are uncertain.

  7. It could be a yeast infection OR (bv) bacteria vaginosis. Check with a diff doctor ASAP for a 2nd opinion. Best wishes to you!

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