Why do I keep getting Bacterial Vaginosis after/during my period?


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In Decemeber, after I was married & started having sex, a week or so after, (while on my period) I started being itchy down there & it would burn when my urine ran over the inflammed part of my vagina. I had never had this problem before! I used some Rephresh and it went away (or so I thought). In Feb. I went to the Gynecologist for the first time and she told me I had BV, even though the symptoms had gone away. I thought it was just because of the sex, since I hadn't been having it before.

The gynecologist have me the antibiotic and I took it. Then, I started my first period after taking the medicine and the same itchy-ness and buring during urination came back again. I'm going to go get a screening kit to make sure that's what it is, but I'm sure it is because it's the same exact symptoms. I've been doing everything recommended, and I haven't changed tampons or anything (and they are unscented). I've been drinking more water, wearing cotton underwear, etc. I don't know why its back
Me and my husband did have sex, but only once, and it was before my period AND we used a condom. I have NEVER had this problem before and I can't think of any other variables that could be causing it. This is getting really annoying, please give me some insight!
I have always used the same type of condom now, and in the past and I have never had any problems before. And the first time it happened we were not using a condoms at that time. The only reason we did the last time was because of the BV and the gynecologist recommended it. Thanks for the suggestions so far

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  1. Blood changes the PH in your vagina so that's the cause of it…

    When you have sex try using another kind of condom as some condoms bring on BV

    Other than that speak with your doc, and eat lots of stuff like live yoghurt, cheese etc etc

  2. Do you ever have that feeling of itchiness of burning a day or so after sex when you are not on your period, or does it feel a little irritated right after intercourse? Your problem could be a latex allergy that caused a rash in your vaginal area. Then when it gets exposed to constant body fluid it gets very red, irritated, itchy, and burns like hell.

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