why do i have more vaginal discharge when i have a cold?

every time i get sick and have a stuffy nose i have a lot of vaginal discharge. is this normal? i know it's not an std because it used to happen before i started having sex.


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One Response to why do i have more vaginal discharge when i have a cold?

  1. Judi says:

    Vaginal fluid is just more mucus in your body. Just like you get fluid in your chest, sinuses, nose, you can also find an increase in cervical fluid. If you use a decongestant to reduce the mucus in your chest and sinuses, it will also decrease the cervical mucus. If you use one to loosen thing up and get it out, it will increase the fluids in your cervical mucus.

    Good question though, but you are not strange, or at least in that way. :-)

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