White vaginal discharge and smelly urine.. what could it be?


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I have noticed my urine smells realy bad over the past few weeks. Also the past few days i have now noticed white vaginal discharge. Nothing itches, nothing stings. Ive had a UTI before and this feels/smells nothing like those previous times. I have had a STI check in the past few months which was fine, i am still with the same partner so i dont think i could be a STI. Im guessing the discharge may be thrush? But with the smelly urine and the vaginal discharge could it be something else? Oh and i have just come off the depo provera shot, there is a small chance i may be pregnant. Would pregnancy cause this?Please help! Thanks!

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  1. it sounds like its the same stuff that i discharge when im with my bf. kinda like j*zz or c^me. i mean thats the same Q i had but im not pregnant, it just often happens to me. probably something different tho. sorry i couldnt help!:(

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