White stuff in the lips of my vagina? is this normal? do I have a yeast infection?


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ok so backround information: I am 14, I started my period when I was 12 I am not sexually active. I used pads for the first year of my period but now I use tampons.(i thought this might be good to know to answer my question)

just a week ago I’ve noticed some white stuff in between the inner lips of my vagina. It is slightly moist and comes off easily, it looks alot like when you wet a peice of toilet paper and it breaks off into smaller and smaller peices until it turns to mush. It doesn’t smell bad its kind of a sweet body-ish smell. I’ve read other questions and they lead me to beleive that this is just discharge but the discharge that I get on my underwear occasionally is clear and slimy. not like this stuff at all. another thing, lately its felt very "dry" down there and uncomfortable, is that a sign of infection? please let me know because this is really starting to worry me.

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  1. It sounds like the discharge from ovulation, which is a bit thicker than the usual discharge. If it bothers you try using pantyliners.


  3. i think its discharge. and probably normally. it could be a slight infection tho. when you bath remember not use soap, that can cause infection. just drink lots of water too.

  4. I have discharges and they, of course, are perfectly normal. I don’t think that you have an infection, but if it’s really scaring you then talk to a friend or tell a doctor if possible. I have had my cycle since I was 12 too and I am now 15. I still have the discharges, like I said, and I have it just about the way that you do. Just talk to someone if you’re confused about it.

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