White lotion-like vaginal discharge? Maybe early pregnancy symptom?

My LMP was 12/22/2009. I ovulated 1/7/2010. Had unprotected sex 1/5-1/12. I had A LOT of milky white lotion-like textured vaginal discharge today. I am also having twinges and dull aches in both my sides, near the ovaries.

Am I ovulating late? I got a positive OPK on the 7th. I had a negative one today. Same with saliva test for ovulation. Is this an early sign of pregnancy?
I would also like to add that my breasts are very sore, I am very tired, hungry, thirsty, and have a backache.


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  1. Steve says:

    it could very well be that you are pregnant but the discharge does not having something to do with it i am 90% sure. If you have a powerful enough orgasm you can squirt cum out (yes girls have cum also) (its not seaman…) that’s what the liquid was. Congragulations on that though because not many women can do that.

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