White discharge rather than vaginal bleeding during menstrual cycle?


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I haven’t had my period for a month & it will be 2 in a couple of days. My boyfriend & I began having intercourse more than usual about a month ago. I know for sure he has never ejaculate inside of me so pregnancy isn’t a possibility. However, I’ve been having white, odor-less discharge ever since we started having intercourse regularly. What is the problem?

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  1. Do a pregnancy test. There’s still a possibility to become pregnant even if he didn’t ejaculated inside you especially if he isn’t wearing any condoms. Pre-cums come out involuntarily off a man’s penis but it won’t make you pregnant unless that pre-cu m has a sperm in it from the previous ejaculation, then, there’s a possibility that you might get pregnant. Consider looking for symptoms of pregnancy. Because white discharge and missed period are two of the signs of it. But for now, do first a pregnancy test.

  2. White discharge can be something that happens near the beginning or end of your cycle. However it is also an early sign of pregnancy.. as is a missed period! I would go get a pregnancy test ASAP and be sure to take it in the morning because the pregnancy hormone is higher in the morning than at night.. But honestly pregnancy is always a possibility! There are women who get pregnant off birth control! If you’re having unprotected sex regularly it is VERY possible that you might be pregnant

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