When your pregnant does any discharge come out of your vagina?

whitish kind of discharge
is it normal
pleases and thankyou


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  1. yes, lots, that's why pregnancy books say that sex id great while your pregnant….natural lube is abundant!!…..


  2. It is absolutely normal to experience discharge during pregnancy. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Good luck.

  3. Yes both time I have gotten a whitish discharge the entire time I was preggers. It is normal. Mention it to your doc on your next prenatal visit to be 100% certain nothing else is going on though.

  4. i actually had the same question
    i think im pregnant and i am having the same thing happen but i would only be like at the most a month
    i wonder if it happens in the beginning more or end or what
    its weird definatley

  5. yes it may be if ur child is efected than it can be a problem for ur baby so fast go to the doctor.

  6. Yes, you do get a cottage cheese like discharge. It has acids in it, that smooth & get the birth canal, ready for baby. It itches, because of the acidity.Hope this helps, it it not abnormal, part of being pregnant, especially for the first time.

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