when u get pregnant does your vaginal discharge change ?


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does it get thick , thin , disappear , does anyone remember ?

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  1. I am 5 weeks pregnant. Its been more abundant since I've been pregnant. It varies from person to person and pregnancy to pregnancy…good luck and baby dust if you are TTC!!

  2. I recall it being thickish, white, and increasing as the pregnancy went on (sorry if that was TMI, we are all mature women.)

    This is due to the changes of estorgen and normal unless it's yellow, greenish, or burns.

    Then again, all pregnancies are different.

  3. umm the most that I remember I think it got a lil thinner and then sometimes it would disappear.

  4. As a paramedic and a father of ten I can tell you with 100% certainty it is different for every woman and can change with each pregnancy. When your body gets pregnant your hormones change in accordance with your eating habits, exercise habits, work habits, sexual activity etc.. As I said before everyone is different and your body can handle each pregnancy different but traditionaly at first your discharge is more productive because the of the extra hormone levels in your body cause your uterous to excrete more fluids and release more tissue than normal. This is because the when the uterous is embedded with the fertilized egg the body begins pumping nutrients and oxygen rich blood to the muscle causing it the expand and thicken. This will slow though as you get into your second trimester.

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