What's this tissue that was discharged from my vagina?


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OK, this is going to sound SO weird but I'd like to know whats going on. Recently I went to the doctor and had a colposcopy and pap smear done. The doctor did a biopsy on my cervix or what not, and said it would take 3 or 4 days to heal. It's the 4th day now, so perhaps thats whats going on. But, I went to the bathroom and thought I was having something like a clot pass thru me…and when i looked at it…it appeared to be like some vaginal tissue. It reminded me of the skin that a snake sheds…only it was fleshy and reminded me of a scab. It was very thin, but about 2.5inches in diameter. Any thoughts on this? has anyone had this happen after a vaginal exam/colposcopy?

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  1. Probably endometrial tissue. Assuming you stop bleeding and you don't keep shedding tissue, you are fine. Not to worry.

  2. Very gross! please share these moments for your Ob/Gyn. Anyway it sounds like a scab from the site of the biopsy. Please stop looking for medical advice on Yahoo…it can get you in serious trouble. Call your doc.

  3. that would make sense , as the biopsy on your cervix was probably a very thin tube-like "plug" .the tissue that was shed probably was just as you suspected,a wet scab.

  4. hey.. i just had a colposcopy done 2 days ago and the same thing just happened to me when i went to the bathroom and it freaked me out.. came on here to look for answers since the doctors office is closed and came across your story.. but yes the same thing.. it freaked me out.. it did look like tissue.. and almost like a skin a snake sheds.. did you find out if this is normal?

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