whats the difference between vagina discharge and being wet?


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Ok I am a 19 yr old female and I noticed when I get turned on I see this slimy clear stuff when I wipe myself also sometimes my vagina is throbbing is this getting wet or is this vagina discharge or is it the same thing is this normal or is it something I should be concerned about.

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  1. vaginal discharge is your vagina cleaning itself out, while getting wet is your vagina preparing for intercourse. i’m not sure if it’s made of exactly the same thing, but unless it smells fishy or turns funny colors it’s ok.

  2. LOL
    "girls vagina…DUH"

    ok, for one, when you come, you will know. TRUST ME. Also, do you squirt? because most women do not discharge anything when they come.

    When you get wet, that is natural lubrication. Your body automatically does it on a set time, like every 30 minutes. You of course do not notice this. However, if aroused you will release a large amount.

    There is no "big flow" It doesn’t come out like a fountain or anything (unless you actually do squirt when you come, then it is kinda like that haha).

  3. The discharge is just your vagina cleaning itself.

    The liquid you make when you are turned on is your body preparing you for sex- Natural lubricant.

  4. There is a difference in when they occur and a little in the substance itself. For instance, there is a certain time during the menstrual cycle when the body produces stickier discharge to prepare for sex. Other times it is thicker or thinner. Just depends on the day. What you described with the sticky discharge and throbbing is nothing more than just being turned on.

  5. vaginal discharge is not clear it usually has an odor. that depends on whats going on in there! when you get turned on your vagina is getting lubricated getting you ready for sexual penetration the throbbing is sexual excitement. so it is normal. whenever you notice your discharge is smelly or not looking normal please see a doctor you might have an infection. take care and be safe.

  6. discharge is when your body is cleaning itself out. Being wet is when your horny and want to have sex.

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