Whats that mucus like discharge coming from my vagina?

seriously. what is it. and y is it there? i mean im 14 and iv taken sex ed twice and i still have no idea wat that stuff is. and in hish school they dont teach that much about it. i came out of the shower today and sat om my bed, when i got up it looked like mucus, but i didnt have a cold or sneez or anything. one time i was wiping myself wen i was on the toiles and a long goopy line came out. can sum1 please tell me wat this stuff really is and how 2 get rid of it. please!??!?!?!?!?!


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6 Responses to Whats that mucus like discharge coming from my vagina?

  1. st3psp8 says:

    you're ovulating. You'll get it every month till you go through menopause or you're on some type of hormones ie: birth control

  2. Slim Jim says:

    From the Kotex web site:


    Q – I've noticed other fluid in my underwear. It isn't blood, so I know it isn't my period. What is it?
    A – This is a normal part of your cycle. Your vagina is simply getting rid of some dead cells, producing what is called vaginal discharge. Normal vaginal discharge takes the form of a clear or whitish-yellow fluid. A pantiliner can help to absorb this fluid. However, if you notice that your vaginal discharge is a darker color, or it itches or burns, or has a strong odor, consult a doctor to check for a possible infection.

  3. dena says:

    honey stop worrying!!!!! every women has discharge( which is what that mucus think is called). you should only worry if it is dark even then its nothing that cant be fixed! and quite frankly I'm a little astonished that they didn't teach you this. stinkin in school ;)

  4. lilbabii x says:

    u will get it anyway everybody does as its puberty. its discharge and its a natural self-cleansing lubricant. if u havent already started ur periods (like me), then u will have it for a yr or two. it may change to a reddish-brown colour later on- that is ur period arriving. anyway u cant get rid of discharge but if it disgusts you, then get some pantyliners, so it will keep you feeling fresh, and ur underwear clean. gud luk with puberty. lol :) x

  5. mijo95023 R says:

    it is like a goo. if you don't get anything go on kidshealth.com
    hope i help

  6. cat1988 says:

    Hey, don't worry about this, it is completely normal. Women get natural disharge as part of their cycle, and sometimes there can be loads of it and somtimes none at all just depending on what time of the month it is. At your age its normal to start getting this and also normal to wonder what it is! Dont worry about trying to get rid of it, theres nothing wrong with you. Hope this puts ur mind at ease a bit

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