what's in the urine or vaginal discharge that attracts ants?


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i can't keep dirty underwear anywhere in the house. ants are invading them. we live in the fourth floor condo and ants still climb up to find my laundry. my husband had about enough of killing ants every morning. any suggestion?

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  1. Most ants like either grease and/or sugar.
    Try laundering your clothes in some white vinegar.
    I have never heard of ants being "attracted" to someone's underwear but I know white distilled vinegar is a good odor remover and cleaner.
    You might try calling a pest control company for advice.

  2. Get some ant killer and put a few drops around the apartment on pieces of cardboard, it'll take a few days. If this isn't enough then spray with raid. Just little will do, you don't need overkill.

    They're coming in from somewhere, find the spot and correct it, pick up your dirty clothes and wash them. If order to be insect free you have to be clean.

  3. Yuck!

    Do you know, I've no idea what it is. Are you quite sure it's your laundry, as opposed to something you keep your laundry near?

    Keep your panties clean (and your dirties hidden in a closed drawer) and then buy some ant killer to put down where they come in.

    If all that doesn't work, call in pest control, there might be a huge nest nearby.

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