whats good for vagina odors?


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9 Responses to whats good for vagina odors?

  1. ?JenJen? - Valentine ILF says:

    Take a shower or bath.

  2. Muschi says:

    You should see a doctor to find out what the cause is since there should be no odor.

  3. ????????????3 says:

    2 parts comet cleanser to 1 part listerine mixed with 1/2 cup febreeze and 8 sprays of Oust.

  4. Natasia L says:

    Depends, you shouldn't have much, if any, odor coming from there. Some women use FDS spray. If the odor is funky or fishy smelling you should see a gyno

  5. Monica C says:

    Wash down there.

  6. kitty says:

    Even in a free country like the United States, women feel uncomfortable to talk about this taboo subject. Vaginal odor will affect almost every woman at some time in her life. Sometimes, the natural smell of the vagina is taken over by a strong fish smell that becomes intolerable.

    You can also use a deodorant body spray but instead of spraying it on your skin, spray it lightly on the crotch of your underwear (especially on the outside edges where it rests in the creases of your legs) and wait for it to dry before putting them on. Otherwise, it will sting and feel uncomfortably wet and cold, which isn't good for the mucus membranes in the vaginal area. You can use the body spray with the powder directly on your skin and have even more protection from odor. You should go toa clinic to determine the real cause, though.

  7. Kati J says:

    take a bath, eat healthy, and do not use scented tampons or pads :-)


    there is this stuff called SOAP ,it comes in bar form and in liquid form try some next month when you take your next bath or shower

  9. Crazy Baby says:

    vinegar and baking soda mixed together and given a good shake.

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