What would cause a clear or yellowish snotty, slimy vaginal discharge?

I have been experiencing a snotty, slimy, mucous like discharge from my vagina, since I ended my period a week ago. I had been taking medication for a yeast infection the same time I was on my period. By the end of my period I noticed it was clear and a little white, and it resembled snot from one's nose. I see it every time I wipe myself after urinating.


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2 Responses to What would cause a clear or yellowish snotty, slimy vaginal discharge?

  1. Venessa M says:

    It still sounds like the yeast infection isn't completely cleared up.
    Being clear means that the infection is just about gone but if it's yellowish that means there's an infection. See your doctor seeing as though it hasn't cleared up.

  2. mary4882 says:

    Yellowish mucus or discharge is never normal. This is a definite sign of infection. Given your history, the infection is likely a recurrence of the infection you were treating.
    You could try over-the-counter yeast infection medicine. But since you seem to have a persistent infection, I strongly recommend you phone your doctor's staff before you begin.

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