What was the pill dr oz talked about that reduces vaginal odor?


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a few months ago dr oz had a show on vaginal health, he mentioned a pill you could take to reduce vaginal odor can anyone tell me what it was?

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  1. Ummmm, I know this doesn’t answer your question, rather causes a question in my mind…. and please don’t take it the wrong way, I mean well….. But, what would you need a pill for if your bathe regularly, douche every once in a great while and wipe your vaginal area with baby wipes or something similar??? Seems to me that this would take care of it unless you have an exceptional problem in your vaginal area, right. Not being a smartalic, just trying to ascertain why anyone would have an offensive odor at their vagina if they cleansed it regularly!?

  2. ok i’ll answer your question for REAL lol. Not every woman is naturally fresh all the time. There are some pills out there like Femenol and Destinol that are a little bit pricey. There is also Re PHresh Pro-B Probiotic pills are about $30 but you can also go to walmart and they have this stuff called Align ($28) that has that same Probiotic ingredient in it. It’s for digestion but it would still work. Also CVS has this all natural formula pills called Yeast Guard ($10) that helps prevent yeast infections. I have currently started using Align and Yeast Guard and they seem to be working pretty good, even though they don’t say specifically for odor, they contain some of the same ingredients:)

    Also that area is sensitive for me and I wash it now with sensitive soap (no added aroma) and now everytime I go to the bathroom I wipe with a feminine wipe. I’ve been on them for about 3 days and my partner noticed a Huge change even though she liked me before but just sayin:)

    Also drinking pineapple juice and plenty of water and wearing cotton panties and clothes that arent tight all the time and foods that don’t stink like onion and garlic

  3. lemon regular store brought lemon: wash with a regular lemon I love it takes it all away and you smell great fresh
    kills bactria intently. ENJOY!

  4. what you need to no eat yogurt twice a day AND slice a piece of lemon and take it into the shower with you. It works and I fell fresh for hours!!! Good luck
    it was driven me crazy when this first started.

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