what type of acidophilus pill can you insert into the vagina for a yeast infection?

i want to kno if i can insert my GNC acidophilus pills into my vagina to treat a yeast infection. if so..how long will it take to treat and how many doses?
i've used monistat and it burned the crap out of me…over the counter creams are def. out. ive been to the doc. about 2 times a month for the past 4 months…im tired of going. i don't have diabetes or an std or anything more serious than a yeast infection. ive had multiple tests and they all come back neg. i just want to try something on my own for once…see if it works…


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2 Responses to what type of acidophilus pill can you insert into the vagina for a yeast infection?

  1. swt_n_dvs says:

    if the yeast infection is bad, you’re better off just buying a 3 day treatment from the grocery store.

  2. fdslsg says:

    skip the pill, and definitely skip the OTC treatments. many women, including myself, SWEAR by plain, no-sugar-added yogurt. apply it to your vulva and, as best as possible, push it into your vagina. do this at least twice a day for a few days. it’s like a miracle cure when nothing else works. and it’s way cheaper than anything!

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