What over-the-counter pills should i take to kill vagina yeast infection?


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Hi. i am wondering what pills over-the-counter should i buy to treat a vaginal yeast infection. i know i have an infection because my discharges has a bad odor to it.
it doesnt itch or anything, just a very bad odor that it gives out.

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  1. I've never actually had to resort to over the counter pills for a yeast infection, but what I found helps is eating lots of yogurt. Its odd, a trick my mom taught me.

  2. Its not a pill, its a cream you insert up in there. Monistat is the most common brand. I'd do the 3 day treatment.

  3. Insert a clove of garlic that has been peeled and wrapped in cheesecloth then tied off with a dental floss to effectively treat a yeast infection. The dental floss should be long enough to pull the clove out. This remedy is at its best when the clove can remain in position for several hours, therefore use it overnight. Repeat the treatment until the yeast infection is curbed. Or try searching for homeopathic remedies products that will help you to cure yeast infection naturally.

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