What is the smelly discharge coming from my vagina?


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There is a smelly brownish reddish discharge coming out if my vagina when I do not have my period. It doesn’t hurt, but the smell has become really bad and soap/ body wash won’t help. I have began wearing tampons to help with the discharge and the smell has lessened but it is still pretty bad. I am not sexually active, so I dont know what the problem is or any at home remedies to get rid of the smell. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. You’re probably spotting. It can happen between periods, to get rid of the smell you can try some liquid chlorophyll. "Liquid Chlorophyll is the only remedy to get rid of my vaginal odor. It’s an internal deodorizer. Essentially it makes you smell great from the inside out. Drink 5 tablespoons a day and drink a glass of water afterwards. That’s it. My vaginal odor was gone in one hour. You can purchase it your local health food store,vitamin store or online. " I had the same experience good luck.

  2. Make sure you haven’t accidentally left a tampon in, this can cause your exact symptoms, especially with the smell and color. If you can try to feel around, but definitely get to a doctor as they will best be able to help because it could be several things. Infection/odd period/spotting. Good luck!

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