what is the difference between your period and vaginal discharge?


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I’m 14 and I’m not sure if my discharge is my period or not. I’m kind of confused. I know when you start out on your period it’s light, but I can’t tell if I have started yet. Any ideas? =]

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  1. Well of course you should no that your discharge is white or a brownish color. Also you period is liquid and would stain your clothes. So it is probably just discharge. You will know when u start your period. Hope this helps!

  2. Well discharges aren’t usually red.. but sometimes they’re brown.

    To know if this is your period or not the blood might be a dark brown because its been in you for soooooo long.

  3. your period is red a discharge is clear or white or yellow or brown or it can even be green anything outside of clear could mean trouble.

  4. period is blood. discharge will be clear. it is like a gel almost. you should be able to tell if it is your period because it will be dark.

  5. period {menstrual cycle} :
    your period is when the wall f the vagina sheds to make room for the baby if you were to get pregnant.there for you get blood coming out of your vagina.

    vaginal discharge :
    your vagina is a self cleaning mechanism some what like a dishwasher.you will get a somewhat clear milky substance it will be kind of sticky and gross.that is normal some times you may get more once than another. when you get sexually aroused then you get really "wet" so the penis can slide into the vagina easier.if the discharge is somewhat yellow,green or has some kind of Oder then you may have a vaginal infection.

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