cause of Shift in flora suggestive of bacterial vaginosis?


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what is the common cause of Shift in flora suggestive of bacterial vaginosis?

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  1. using fingers, toys, penises, etc that have not been thoroughly washed right before use. make sure and wash well right before to cut down on bacteria. sometimes you'll get it as a rebound, after using a yeast infection treatment…the yeast and bacteria in there balance each other out, monistat and the likes cut down yeast, so bacteria thrive.

  2. There are several causes, generally anything that will throgh off your ph. Wearing tight jeans/thongs all of the time, semen, dirty toys, smoking, antibiotics, and multiple sex partners are the most common. If you have bv, you need to take medications to clear it up, but the medication can give you yeast infections. If you are having cronic bv, it could be a different strain called avaginea which is resistant to metronidozole.

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