what is the cause of lower abdominal pain and lots of white milky discharge from the vagina?

and mucus discharge and irritation in the vagina


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  1. you could have a yeast infection to a std to serious issues .. you need to talk to your doc /ob/gyn about it pronto so it can be cleared up

  2. If you are sexually active it could be many things..If not abdominal pain can be one symptom and discharge another. Milky white discharge that is grainy in texture along with itching is sometimes a yeast infection. But abdominal pain is not usually associated with that. My advice to you is go to your local clinic. There are free ones. Get screened for STD’s.
    Home remedies you can try putting plain cultured yogurt in your vagina..Sounds weird but it is a natural and cheap way to cure yeast infection. And they also sell over the counter remedies for yeast infections. Good Luck.

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