What is the best product to use for mild vaginal odors?


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  1. If you are having vaginal odors that are not normal for you, you need to see your gyn or doc. It could be a sign of a few things.

    Whatever you do, do NOT douche. Bathe regularly, use personal wipes and keep healthy eating habits.

  2. o to the pharmacy and eat no more sugar no coffe chocolate or tea r mint… they are irritants.

    Good luck

  3. soap and water and a visit to your gynaecologist. vaginal odour may indicate a type of yeast infection. take some personal cleansing cloths with you just to freshen up during your work day. good hygiene should cure the problem unless it is in fact a yeast infection.

  4. before becoming pregnant i used to buy theese things that washes out your vagina…(a douche)…
    it comes in a squeeze bottle and it cleans it out inside..
    i forget what it is called…
    but i also used to use theese wipes for that area…
    i would ask my dr before using anything tho!..
    because you may have somehting serious..!

    they can be found at your pharmacy usually in the isle where you buy pads/tampons… and condoms…

    good luck!

    p.s some answers on here are so rude!…

  5. Vinegar is the best. It will kill the odor and the sperms. It is an old method used by my great grandparents. Also my doctor told me to use it.
    Vinegar is added in some douches.

  6. If soap and water doesn't help. If wipes and going to the Ob-gyn doesn't cure it, then it must be diet and weight. People don't realize that what you eat does matter. If it is simple yeasty smell, then you can eat yogurt with acidophilus in it. You can take yeast be gone pills from the health store. If it is fishy and none of the medicines work, then you need to change your diet. Follow a different culture's diet plan. Eat Oriental for a month. See if that works. Read health books about it and try different things and websites too. Douching helps some but destroys others. Everyone's body is different.
    You have to experiment with different things. Sprays could worsen condition and powders may dry you out and make it unbearable. Don't forget homepathic cures. They may help. Like stick a clove of garlic in your lower parts, etc. They may not. Up your vitamin C may help. It may not. Drink cranberry juice and eat fiber. May help. May not. Good luck.

  7. ~Mild vaginal odor is normal! Do you guys think that under your non-circumcised skin, there is no odor?
    Yeast Infections do NOT cause odor, Bacterial Vaginosis does cause odor.
    Doctors don't recommend douching, but if you do, use vinegar.
    There are feminine wipes, powders, and sprays you can use, but I wouldn't recommend using them very often. They can cause an imbalance.~

  8. We are suppose to have a slight natural odor(pheromones) .It's to attract the opposite sex.The scent is usual trap in our pubic hair.Some women smell stronger then others,so strong that you can smell it after they used and left the bathroom. You can shave that will help,also thoroughly wash around your anus.Bowel movement cause a smell even if you used the bathroom two days ago.Feces is still going to be there if you neglect that area( use baby wipes after a movement). You should try taking more showers that will help (two a day).Don't worry. EVE feminine wipes or good to use too. Try to stay away from the EVE sprays.

  9. DO NOT DOUCHE. DO NOT USE SPRAYS. Seriously, putting that crap in such a sensitive place will cause waaay more trouble than it's worth.

    Find a very mild soap with a low pH balance. The vagina is slightly acidic, and you don't want to screw up the pH. When you shower, lather a bit of soap in your hands and rub some of the soap on your vaginal and anal areas. Simple as that.

    And yes, a slight musky odour is natural. It is NOT good to smell sour, nor is it good or natural to smell like baby powder.

    Use those wipes if you must, but try not to. They're not the best for your vagina, and can cause some irritation.

    The vagina is not dirty. The vagina is one of the cleanest places on a woman's body. It cleans itself out naturally. That discharge you get sometimes is the vagina cleaning itself out, which is why putting chemicals up there is such a bad idea. Douches and sprays upset the natural chemical balance. When you do that, your vagina will either have trouble with or no longer clean itself out as it should and you'll be stuck using harsh chemicals on a regular basis.

    Don't mess with nature, baby.

  10. Vagisil powder
    Vagisil deodorant vagina spray
    Cleansing wipes
    Soap & Water

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