White discharge coming out of my vagina?


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There’s white discharge coming out of my vagina, and it has a little odor to it, I don’t know if it’s the discharge or my vagina? How can I make the smell go away?

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  1. A girl or woman has the white jelly like fluid or liquid discharge from the later childhood ie from the age of 8 or 9. The fluid keeps the vagina always wet just as our mouth wet with saliva.
    The white fluid fills the vagina when you see think or read any nude sex items or get near to a b/f thinking about sex. It is very common and it shows that you are ready for sex
    Some how infection may affect the vagina and uterus and then the discharge might become yellowish or reddish and the whole area shall be itchy and painful
    Keep your vagina clean inside and outside always . On period days clean it several times just like we wash our mouth with our hands and fingers. Avoid unclean sex dealings and in case of sex activities clean it immediately using clean water. Don’t get contact with unknown guys or men for sex dealings.
    Fingering masturbating with unclean objects( pen roller objects etc) may cause injury in the vagina and resultant infection and pain and sores.
    Always keep vagina and its surroundings clean and dry. what is the white discharge coming out, Change you under garments everyday.

  2. white discharge coming from vagaina with odor, You may have a yeast infection. It is normal and happen a lot in women especially if you are sexually active or wear really tight clothing. You can get over the counter medicine from a drug store. The most popular is monistat.

  3. Good personal Hygiene is a very important factor in preventing white discharge. white discharge coming from vagaina and smell.
    Some of the other possible causes would be-Anemia( eat lots of greens and salads.Flax seed oil is quite good), localized infection in the surrounding area.Maintain hygiene and eat a nutritious diet and exercise and if it still persists consult a gyno

  4. i think you should see you doctor because you might have white milky discharge coming from vagaina…like you might have a vagina infection

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