What happens if a condom gets stuck inside of the vagina? Will it discharge on its own?


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During intercourse the condom came off of my partner. We didn't find it in the bed. Our only thought is that it came off while engaged in sexual activity. This has never happened before and I worried about if and when will it come out or will I need to see a doctor

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  1. I hate to use this expression, but……..fish it out.
    Its not like it can go far….the average vagina is only as long as a tampon.

  2. disGUSTING……But then again, where else can you ask this except Yahoo Answers, right?

  3. your vagina is not that deep…just pull it out..he can dip his fingers in and fish it out…

  4. I don't believe that it will. I would call your local ER for clarification, but I am pretty sure that that will cause a nasty infection. It may be embarrassing, but I am sure they have seen MUCH worse.

  5. First, you should be able to get it out yourself.
    Second, if it did come off inside it was a wasted condom, since any sperm is now in the vagina, and any STD organisms are now in there as well.

  6. She needs to reach around with her fingers to see if she can find it on the inside. It may come out on its own, and then again, it may not.

  7. Hmm… I think she'd be able to feel it inside her if it was stuck. Try look some more, I'm sure it's somewhere around.

  8. It usually will discharge, but if it doesn't you may want to see your gyn to avoid an infection.

  9. ive had that happen and it did eventually come out…a LONG time after. i would take her advice and just get it out…

  10. see a doc now it happened to my friend and she ended up going to the doc to late and had to get it out and then meds for the infection leaving it in caused her

  11. I hate to say this but you will need to remove it. If it is in there then it is not coming out until it is removed by you or someone else.
    This is not that uncommon.
    Get a handheld mirror and try to find it yourself. It can only go in so far and you should be able to get it out yourself.
    Good luck!

  12. You can ask you doctor but I dont think that will ever happen, the cat will find it three weeks from now behind the bed when your grandmother is visiting.

  13. It may come out on its own but it may also cause an infection. Couldnt hurt to see the doctor as soon as possible to have it removed. In fact, it would be better to spend the money for the visit and learn that its not in there than to not go and find out later when you are in the throes of a ripping infection that could affect your reproductive abilities.

  14. if you cant find you need to go to the doctor, plus you lost the benefit of the condom, check for pregnacy, disease ect.

  15. You should be able to pull it out yourself unless it is too high inside. It will not dislodge itself. You must go to the doctor to prevent the odor it will cause and infection.

  16. get your partner to go in and get it out for you he has a better view and can easily get it out. don't feel to bad this happens more than it should… once even to me… i don't know if it will fall out on its own so best to get it out…

  17. well technically it isnt lost, you should be able to kinda reach in there and get it out. I wouldnt advise douching or anything like that til its out though,

    it also could have fallen out in the toilet if you already went to the bathroom. you should be able to feel it though…….if you can find it and then you smell some odor or feel pain then yeah definately seek a doctor right away.

  18. that is weird, i dont get how it comes that your partner didnt feel it… also its weird because they are supposed to be tight you know what i mean
    are you sured you guys looked everywhere in the bed and floor?
    dont you feel anything? you should feel it, have you tried to put your finger inside, remember you dont have much space down there so its not like the condom could get lost

    for the next time, he needs to take it off quickly after coming.

  19. I heard about some people talking about this on a morning radio talk show on my way to school. Unless you can get it out on your own, you're going to have to go in and have them remove it. If you don't your vagina and cervix will get irritated and possibly infected.
    Don't be embarrassed to go to the doctor! This type of thing happens quite often and I think that you're really responsible for using condoms!
    Good Luck 🙂

  20. Just stick your finger inside your vagina, locate the condom, and retrieve it. Some of the contents of the condom will probably have been expelled into your vagina, so you may be consulting a physician within the next two to three months!

  21. Have you never lost a tampon? If so, you have to root around to find the offending item and remove it. Just hope there was nothing in the condom that could do you harm or result in an unwanted pregnancy.

    Good luck!

  22. Just have him put some double sided sticky tape on the top of his penis. Then have him retrieve the condom.

    Works every time. I first saw this on McGuyver.

  23. You should be able to sweep it out easily. If not, definitely see your doctor. While you are there, ask about a possible pregnancy test and/or std test. You can never be too careful with your body/health. If you are mature and responsible enough to have sex, then you need to be responsible enough to follow through with doctor visits, etc. Also discuss birth control options with your doctor, such as spermicides in case the condom falls off again you will at least be protected against pregnancy…but not std's. Your partner needs to be more careful and buy a smaller condom. It sounds as though he is more concerned about his pleasure than your protection.

  24. Hi, there.

    You should be able to remove it on your own. However, if the condom has slipped off inside of your body, you are at risk of pregnancy if you're not using another birth control method. If you had sex within the past 5 days (120 hours), you can still use emergency contraception (the morning after pill). You can find info on emergency contraception here: http://www.backupyourbirthcontrol.org/

    It usually costs around $40-50. If you're under 18, you may not be able to obtain it without a prescription. If you're over 18, you should be able to find it over-the-counter at a pharmacy in most places. The best thing to do is to call your local Planned Parenthood clinic. (You can find it by going to their website and entering your zip code in the box on the top of the page.) http://www.plannedparenthood.org/

    Hope that helps!

  25. Well you should first wash your hands, or he should wash his and squat, then you should try and fish the condom out. If you still can't find it then you should see a gynecologist

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