what does white thick or liquidy discharge from vagina mean?


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im 15 and adnt had my period yet and have white vaginal discharge coming out

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  1. Normal physiological discharge is white or clear with a non offensive smell. If you have other symptoms such as redness and itching, this can indicate thrush (yeast infection), specially if the discharge is thick. If you suspect you have got thrush, there are a number of anti-yeast preparations you can buy OTC or obtain om prescription.

  2. It means your vajayjay is cleaning itself. That is called cervical mucus and its just cleaning itself.

  3. how often does this happen? you could just be …um aroused. the white liquid acts as lubrication

  4. that is discharge. It is completely normal, even though it is annoying at times. That just means your body is preparing itself. Be ready with a tampon or pad… your period is right around the corner.

  5. u may have a yeast infection go see ur doc. and they can give u something to clear it right up or tell u if its something else that u should worry about

  6. it's extremely normal (technically called vaginal discharge), and it just means that you are going through puberty.

  7. More than likely you have a yeast infection, if you are itching and have a slight odor, if not you are ovulating. Which is normal in between your periods. But you didn't really give a whole lot of information to go on.

  8. i either agree with "ashface"
    or you might have a yeast infection.
    or sometimes it happens after eating foods high in yeast, or flour, or whatever.
    if you cut back on that just a little bit…see if that helps

  9. Usually it's just normal discharge. Some women have more, some less. However, if you have a strong odor with the discharge it could signify a yeast infection and you will need to see a doctor. From your description, though, it just sounds like regular discharge that is normal for you and probably means you'll be getting your period sometime soon.

    Edit: Eating foods that contain yeast does NOT cause yeast infections. Neither does eating flour, which does not have yeast in it…you have to put yeast in flour to make yeasty products like bread and doughnuts which, again, DO NOT cause yeast infections.

  10. You'll be getting it pretty soon.
    Discharge like that occurs before getting your period each month.
    If you haven't gotten your period at all and this is happening, it's a pretty sure sign that it's coming.

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