what does vaginal discharge look like? does it look like semen?

what does vaginal discharge look like? does it look like semen? i would like to know
oh and when do girls get discharge? like what causes it


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6 Responses to what does vaginal discharge look like? does it look like semen?

  1. supr33mscr33m says:

    It depends what kind of discharge you have.

  2. Patience says:

    It is not like semen…semen is more liquid-like. Vaginal discharge is thicker than semen. And the color of the discharge can be clear, white or light yellow. If its greenish, that indicates an infection.

  3. Soifon ?? says:

    No it doesn’t look like semen, semen is too pasty in colour.

    Its actually clear like water, a little bit white sometimes, could be a light yellow, but if green… That means your infected. Vaginal mucous is gooey as well.

  4. putt putt says:

    discharge can be thin and clear to thick and with/yellow. the difference in discharge depicts where you are in your ministration cycle.

  5. villevalo614 says:

    When normal, it can be clear or white, when you have an infection it would be like greenish, yellow, white and chunky.. yea kinda gross but true.

  6. Larkin L says:

    Once a girl starts puberty a white and/or clear wet mucous discharge is normal. Sorry, but it kind of looks like snot. The vagina is self-cleaning. This same discharge increases the closer a girl gets to ovulation and when she is sexually aroused. It’s what makes sex possible.

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