what does vaginal discharge look like? does it look like semen?


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what does vaginal discharge look like? does it look like semen? i would like to know
oh and when do girls get discharge? like what causes it

6 Replies to “what does vaginal discharge look like? does it look like semen?”

  1. It is not like semen…semen is more liquid-like. Vaginal discharge is thicker than semen. And the color of the discharge can be clear, white or light yellow. If its greenish, that indicates an infection.

  2. No it doesn’t look like semen, semen is too pasty in colour.

    Its actually clear like water, a little bit white sometimes, could be a light yellow, but if green… That means your infected. Vaginal mucous is gooey as well.

  3. discharge can be thin and clear to thick and with/yellow. the difference in discharge depicts where you are in your ministration cycle.

  4. When normal, it can be clear or white, when you have an infection it would be like greenish, yellow, white and chunky.. yea kinda gross but true.

  5. Once a girl starts puberty a white and/or clear wet mucous discharge is normal. Sorry, but it kind of looks like snot. The vagina is self-cleaning. This same discharge increases the closer a girl gets to ovulation and when she is sexually aroused. It’s what makes sex possible.

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