What does it mean when your vaginal discharge has a light pink color?


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Ok Im sorry if this is graphic, but I got fingered by a guy the other day and I went to the bathroom afterwards and my vaginal discharge had a slight pink color to it.. it was almost peachy color.. I heard that means your’re pregnant, but that is definetely not possible haha. I also heard it has something to do with the end of your period, but its been a few weeks since ive had it so that cant be it either.. So I have no idea why it would be a wierd color, and it still kindof is. I’m not pregnant, and its not my period, so what’s going on?

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  1. Well, you could be either spotting (a little blood between periods, or maybe it was something on his hands-if the problem persists you should see a doctor, but its not something that i would be alarmed about if it happened once

  2. you could be spotting. possibly it was something on his hands-probably not though. your vagina could just be irrtated and bleeding ish. or if you havent already..yor hymen couldve torn. not broke just a little rip. cuz if it broke then it wouldve been more blood sooner. or maybe it was. haha.

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