what does it mean if you have a real lot of white discharge coming from you vagina?


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i have lots of white discharge coming from my vagina through out the day, it comes out in blobs every so often its more than normal people i know that its been going on for well over a year now and im worried something is wrong with me? is there anyway for me to stop the amount that leaks out?

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  1. the white discharge is cuz vagina is cleaning out its self..but if its in large amount and hv bad smeel then its sign of infection..bettr to go and hv checkup

  2. Might be a yeast infection. There are tests you can take if it is a yeast infection. It is an over the counter and you can find it at any store probably by where they sell tampons and pads. If it smells also you better check it out.

  3. Have you been sexually active? Or to a gynecologgist in the past year? Does it smell? It matters if it's white and clumpy or thin and white. Mines is naturally thin and white but it has no scent. Also it depends on where I am in my cycle. If its thin and has a smell it could be bacterial vaginosis. I got this when I was young and still a virgin. I had adischarge that seem to come out in blobs throughout the course of the day. I had it for a while because I wasn't yet seeing the gynecologist. It's not an STD but it is an infection and you will have to go to the Dr. It's really quick and easy to find out if it's BV bothering you and they can prescribe you antibiotics.

    If it's white and clumpy it may be a yeast infection. I wouldn't treat it with medicines at the drugstore until you get an absolute diagnosis. If you treat it incorrectly whatever it is, it can get worse. Plus the Dr. can prescribe you a one dosage pill to get rid of a yeast infection. So you won't have to deal w/ creams. Get ye to the gynecologist! You don't want to wait because raging infections can lead to much more serious problems if left untreated.

    BTW, I started taking acidophilus pills daily. You can get them from the drug store and GNC. I haven't had any infections since.

  4. u could have an std, leukorrhea, a yeast infection, vaginitis, or u could just be perfectly normal sometimes this will occur because of the kind of soap u use or tissue u use, or it could be ur vagina is cleaning it self

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