What does it mean if i have a yellow discharge coming out of my vagina?

My vagina is very itchy too. I take care of it, it goes away, but once it gets itchy and I itch it again, it comes back. Could it be a yeast infection? What do I do?


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4 Responses to What does it mean if i have a yellow discharge coming out of my vagina?

  1. Laura says:

    Yellow discharge usually means it's an infection.

    Symptoms of a yeast infection is itchiness or burning, and the discharge is usually clumpy.

    You have some sort of an infection, I'm not sure if it's a yeast infection, so you should tell your mom or see the doctor ASAP. You'll get medicine.

  2. teenatwn says:


  3. BangxGoxGuns says:

    Get a diagnosis of a yeast infection from a health care provider. Your provider will recommend a treatment.

  4. mlsihism says:

    it could be vaginitis or a yeats infection.
    if its one of the two, talk to your doctor about it.
    she can prescribe a medicine for it and it should go away.
    with yeast infections, if you get it once, its more likely for you to get it twice than someone who never got it.
    after you see a doctor about it the first time, you dont need to go to the doctors for a second time getting a yeast infection.
    there are medicines taht you can get over the counter of it.

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