What does Bacterial Vaginosis Smell like?


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I have the worst smelling discharge I've ever had. I've never usually been smelly… at all! So this is freaking me out a bit. It doesn't smelly fishy at all.. it smells like sour milk, or (this is really disgusting but..) almost like someone threw-up. It smells soo bad. It came out looking almost greyish or green even but when I wiped it, it was dark yellow. I'm going to the health clinic tomorrow, but I just wanted to know if anyone knows the answer to any of this? I'm scared its Trichamoniasis.. but it could also be B.V. I just got off the nuva ring also because I was getting too many yeast infections but this is the first week I'm off of it and I'm getting this horrible smell.

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  1. What are the symptoms?
    Nearly half of all women with bacterial vaginosis will experience no symptoms at all. When a woman has symptoms, the most common complaint is a foul or "fishy" smelling vaginal odor. This odor frequently increases following intercourse. In a recent survey of medical providers, more than half said that the most common complaint from women with bacterial vaginosis is vaginal odor. Another common symptom is an excessive white or gray discharge with a milk-like consistency that can stain undergarments.


  2. That's what it sounds like. You will probably get some pills to take 2x a day for a week.

  3. It sounds most like Trichamonas. Nothing to be scared of, it's not uncommon and is highly treatable. If you have sexual partners, please let them know also so that they may be treated and not reinfect you.

    Your doctor will submit a vaginal swab to a lab for determination.

  4. I think maybe your partner was doing something…..uh….''fishy'' sounds like later stages of clamydia

  5. BV (bacterial vaginosis) smells like fish. It's a very foul smell!

    Trichomoniasis has a green/yellow colored discharge as well as a foul smell.

    Luckily, BV and trichomoniasis can both be treated and cured with antibiotics. Metronidazole (brand name is Flagyl) is usually prescribed for both BV and trichomoniasis.

    It's a really good idea you are seeing the doctor about this. You should definitely get it checked out and taken care of. Good luck to you!

  6. Bacterial vaginosis is usually due to Gardnerella and it causes a fishy odorof the secretion. Trichomoniasis is not caused by a bacteria but by a protozoan. It usually gives of plenty of vaginal secretions and on speculum exam, will show a "strawberry cervix". It is still possible that your condition is due to fungal infection.

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