What does a vaginal yeast infection look like?

other than cottage cheese texture, what does it look like. i think i have one but its not cottage cheese like.
Do yeast infections have an odor?
Tell me everything you know. thanks :)


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3 Responses to What does a vaginal yeast infection look like?

  1. Sassy says:

    There is a slight odor, some discharge, and you’ll itch. If you have these symptoms, get an over the counter yeast infection treatment. I recommend the 3 day use ones. One day doesn’t usually work and the 7 day is just too long to use it. Sometimes it feels like it is getting worse before it gets better. After a week and a half to two weeks of it not getting any better, see a doctor. It may be a bacterial infection or something that they will need to prescribe something for it.

  2. mommy2 says:

    well there are a lot of vaginal infections the yeast infection is the one with cottage cheese texture I once got one called vaginosis which was just a horrible smell. You should go to the doc.

  3. Kristine ? says:

    yes, it stinks and burns. i think the opening of vag is itchy and kind of swelling.

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