What do women in third world countries do when they get vaginal infections?


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I’ve always wondered how women in poorer countries deal with that kind of thing, when it’s extremely difficult to get a doctor’s exam, etc…

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  1. They die. It’s sad but without access to proper care and medicine they die. A UTI can make it’s way up to the kidneys causing renal failure and death. HPV can cause cervical cancer. Women can still die during childbirth. People forget that before antibiotics were available people routinely died of causes that are easily treatable now.

  2. They would live with it and hope it goes away. They would typically have bigger things to worry about (obtaining food, for instance)

    Life expectancy in some third world countries for women (and men) is often only about in the 35-45 range.

  3. Hey,

    I appreciate your feeling about poor countries women if they had a vaginal infection, what will they?
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